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If properly administered, GSE is safe for your health. The product is nontoxic and causes no skin irritation, provided that it is used as recommended. No cases of intoxication with GSE has so far taken place. According to a number of experiments performed by independent laboratories, 5 g of powdered extract at 50% concentration per 1 kg body weight carried is a dose that causes symptoms of poisoning in some cases. Based on the above tests, the maximum dose (50% extract) for oral administration was found to be as follows:

  • to 60 kg - 300 g
  • to 70 kg - 350 g
  • to 80 kg - 400 g
  • to 90 kg - 450 g

This means that overdose symptoms of poisoning may be observed when the recommended dose is multiplied by 4000. The conclusion is that an unintentional overdose is not possible.