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Grapefruit Seed Extract – a description provided on the back cover of the book.

Researchers are discovering the power of grapefruit seeds, thus making many authorities change their opinion about holistic and natural methods for fighting diseases. It is beyond doubt that the holistic approach is better in the long run than curing all organs separately – the first method helps us stay healthy, while the other is rarely effective until the health is already gone. The efficacy and variety of activities shown by the grapefruit seed extract have been surprising to both physicians and patients. From infections inflicted by Candida to motion sickness, bronchitis, gum disease, flu, cold and beyond, the grapefruit seed extract is earning a reputation as the most versatile pharmaceutical among herbal products. It is perceived by many as a breakthrough in natural medicine. The author of the book, Doctor Allan Sachs, is a certified clinical nutritionist and chiropractor. He is recognised as one of the pioneers in research on the grapefruit seed extract, which he has been carrying out since 1978. He developed the system of clinical ecology and created many herbal formulas used by holistic practitioners throughout the world.