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Citrosept is a 100% natural product posing no danger to health. Nevertheless, certain precautions should be taken by:

  • those who are allergic to citrus fruits – they should start with small doses, e.g. 1 drop a day diluted with a glass of liquid. If no allergic reaction is observed, the same amount of the extract should be administered for about 5 days and then increased by 1 drop a day until the desired dose is achieved.
  • those who take heart or hypertension drugs – they can still use Citrosept but the drug administration and the extract administration should be separated by at least 2 hours. The grapefruit seed extract (but also grapefruit juice and a grapefruit itself) affect the absorption and metabolism of some drugs, so the extract and drugs should not be taken together unless your physician modifies the dose accordingly. Taking the drug together with Citrosept (or grapefruit juice) may result in exceeding the proper drug dose determined by the physician. This may lead to arrhythmia, rapid blood pressure changes or other circulatory problems. Separation of drug administration and Citrosept administration by 2 hours reduces the risk of such complications. However, you should keep observing your body, especially at the beginning of using the extract. If in doubt, contact your physician.
  • those who take drugs preventing rejection of new organs after transplant surgery – we recommend not using the extract at all.
  • those who take drugs for liver disease – this applies, among others, to drugs for viral hepatitis. In this case, medical advice is recommended. Although the tests have shown that the extract has hepatoprotective properties (preventing damage to the liver), its activity may overlap with the drug’s action. What is more, many drugs are metabolised in the liver. If its functions are disturbed, the rate of metabolism changes, thus posing the danger of changed concentration of active substances within the body, leading to unexpected effects.
  • pregnant women – no tests have been carried out regarding the extract’s influence on the foetus, so, although Citrosept is not likely to pose any threats, it is advisable to follow the rule: “if in doubt, do not use.” Many pregnant women take the extract anyway but its administration should start from small doses (see: HERXHEIMER REACTION).
  • those who suffer from diabetes – blood sugar level can be slightly reduced.

While using the grapefruit seed extract, it is recommended to drink more liquids and to ingest more vegetable fats in the form of olive oil and other oils.