Dosage for internal application

Available languages: Дозировка при вътрешно приложение Dosage for internal application Dosering bij inwendige toepassing Dawkowanie przy stosowaniu wewnętrznym

Those who start reading this section must first read the information on internal application in order to use Citrosept as recommended.

Supplementing your diet with flavonoids to prevent diseases

In order to supplement your diet with flavonoids it is recommended to administer 15 drops of Citrosept diluted in 200-250 ml of liquid (preferably lemon balm tea) 3 times a day.

The demand for flavonoids increases along with the first symptoms of flu, cold or infection. In such an event, 50-70 drops of extract should be administered twice a day for a period of approximately 3 days. However, it should not be treated as a medicine for cold and flu but only as a dietary supplement in the period of reduced immunity.

If Citrosept Active capsules are taken, one capsule should be administered once a day during a meal.

As regards Citrosept Junior, it is recommended to administer 10 ml once a day to children over 4. The dose may be split into smaller ones (e.g. 5 ml 2 times a day).

One-month detoxification diet 

The diet is designed for healthy individuals aiming to strengthenand detoxify their bodies. It also helps to lose weight. It is recommended to take approximately 10-15 drops a day for the first two weeks, 15-20 drops a day during week three and 20-30 drops in week four.

Three-month detoxification diet

Citrosept helps to strengthen your body in case of chronic tiredness and depression caused by unknown reasons (fatigue syndrome). It is also helpful in fighting allergies (e.g. food allergy or hay fever) and other ailments. The extract should be taken for 3 months, following application methodology as above. The maximum dose in week four should be continued in week five and six. Then, the dose should be reduced to 20 drops a day and applied until the end of the third month. During detoxification diet more fibreshould be eaten (wholemeal bread, bran), which helps to clean the alimentary canal from food residues and toxic substances released as a result of the Herxheimer reaction. You should drink a lot during this period to help your body get rid of harmful substances. For additional strengthening of the intestinal flora, eat products of milk fermentation (such as kefir or yoghurt), sauerkraut, etc. while taking the extract. It is also recommended to ingest larger amounts of vegetable oil or olive oil.