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Please read the information below. This will allow you to apply the grapefruit seed extract properly and, in consequence, to derive maximum benefit from it.

If you find the information below incomplete, please contact us at We hope that  people with many years of professional experience with Citrosept will be able to provide you with precise answers. Should you have any experience in using Citrosept or opinions about this product, send us an e-mail as well. This may help us improve the application methods and may also reveal some new properties of the grapefruit seed extract.

Although Citrosept offers a wide spectrum of activity, it should not be treated as a universal solution to various problems and as a substitute for therapeutic methods, healthy lifestyle, and a diverse and balanced diet. Ailments tell us that there is something wrong in our life and this message should not be ignored. If a problem recurs, we should try to find its cause and maybe change our behaviour or lifestyle.

The information below should not be treated as methods of diagnosing or curing diseases. Similarly, it should not be perceived as an encouragement to discontinue the treatment prescribed by a physician. We warn you not to make such a decision as it would be harmful.

The application methods given below outline the possible health benefits that may be derived from using the grapefruit seed extract. We would like to encourage you to protect your health. Dietary supplementation is very helpful in achieving this goal.